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water@leeds, the interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Leeds, are surveying the global water sector to find and prioritise the most significant research questions for the future.  The survey will produce a prioritised list of the top 100 global research questions which will help direct research, policy and resources towards addressing major water challenges.

Please take this opportunity to shape and influence international water research priorities. The survey will only take 5 minutes to complete.

The survey is broad and cross-disciplinary and covers all parts of the water sector (e.g. water treatment and supply, water resources management, ecosystem services, sanitation, drainage, governance and policy, conservation, water and health). We encourage everyone to submit questions, whether policy maker, practitioner, researcher, industry professional or other water professional, so we can identify priorities for different groups. The questions can be framed in relation to local, regional or global initiatives (i.e.  Sustainable Development Goals, industrial strategies, regional priorities etc.).


Privacy notice

In addition to your water research questions, we will also collect some personal information (i.e. name, email, work address, etc.). Your personal information will be treated as confidential. The name of your organization will be included in a list of participant organizations unless you express a wish to remain anonymous.

The questions submitted will be used for research purposes and they will be shared anonymously during the question prioritization process. By filling out this form you agree to your data being processed in line with the University of Leeds Privacy Policy.