Background to the research

Hello my name is Gemma and I am a military spouse and parent, completing my PhD studies at the University of Leeds.  My research focuses on the challenges and barriers experienced by Service Parents when they are applying for school places, and how parents navigate access to the right support for children who are identified as having a Special Educational Need or Disability.  I am also interested in exploring Service Parents who choose to send their children to a boarding school.    

Before you decide if you wish to take part in this research it is important for you to understand and consider what the research is about, why it is being conducted, and what you will be asked to do.  Please read all the following information provided carefully before you decide if you wish to take part. 

If you require any further information or have any questions before taking part in the survey you can contact me at

My supervisors and their details are:

Lisa Buckner:

Angharad Beckett: