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Thank you for taking part in our survey. We are a group of researchers from the University of Leeds called the Global Health Research Group in Surgical Technologies ( 

This study aims to develop a framework for the evaluation of innovation in global surgery. The survey explores barriers and facilitators to evaluating innovation and technology in global surgery. In particular, how should we evaluate the adoption of an established technology in a novel context or setting?

The survey will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. All the questions are in English. You do not have to complete the survey and your participation is entirely voluntary. You will not be asked for your name or email address as part of the survey itself, however once you complete the survey you will have the opportunity to express your interest to be involved in a semi-structured interview about your experiences with a member of the research team. This may be conducted online. 

By completing this survey it implies you consent to the collection of this anonymous information on your experiences. Your data will be stored at the University of Leeds in accordance with GDPR regulations and a summary of anonymised data will be analysed and published in reports and articles. As we do not link any names or email addresses to your survey responses, you will be unable to withdraw your response once you complete the survey as we will not be able to link you personally to the data. If you begin the survey but change your mind about participating during the survey, you can simply close the window down and no data will be submitted.

If you have any questions about this study please email Dr William Bolton at the University of Leeds,

If you would like further information on how the University uses personal data for research please see the Privacy Notice for Research.

This study has received ethical approval from the University of Leeds School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee MREC 18-102.

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Many thanks for your participation. 

With best wishes,

Dr William Bolton on behalf of the NIHR Global Health Research Group in Surgical Technologies