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Dear colleague,

Understanding why people leave will help us improve our employment practices. We want you to tell us about your experiences of working for the University, both positive to help us promote good practice as well as anything negative. This will help us identify trends and make improvements.

The information you give us will be used for monitoring and evaluation only, it won't affect your references or your chances of working here again. You can also complete the questionnaire after you've left the University - your feedback is important to us.

The information you provide will be considered/analysed retrospectively. If you have anything that you would like to feedback on or discuss in a more timely or formal way, please contact a member of your Faculty/Service HR team.

You can complete the questionnaire anonymously but if you want to talk about anything raised, you can contact a member of your Faculty/Service HR Team. Their contact details are available at .

Please see our Staff Privacy Notice ( which explains how the University collects and uses staff personal data and what your rights are in relation to this.

Please note, once you have clicked on the 'Continue' button at the bottom of each page you are unable to return to or amend that page.

The questionnaire should take about 10 minutes.

Thank you.

Linda Mortimer Pine

Deputy Director of Human Resources

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