Thank you for your interest in the Leeds Masters Scholarship.

Details of the eligibility criteria can be found on our website here. Please read the information on this page before proceeding with this application.

- You can start the form then save your progress and come back to it later; you don't have to complete it all in one go.

- However you must submit your fully completed application form by the deadline (12 noon on Monday 28th September 2020) in order for us to consider your application.

The form will ask you for:

- Your University of Leeds nine-digit Student ID number (if you have been given it; if you haven't applied for your course(s) yet you don't need to provide this number yet)

- Your personal contact details (including name/address/phone number/email address etc.)

- Information on family Higher Education experience (institution/course details/course dates)

- Information regarding your personal circumstances (including financial eligibility information)

- Information regarding your Undergraduate education (where applicable)

Any information you provide will, as with the rest of the application, be treated confidentially by the University's Educational Engagement and Funding teams in line with the University's Data Protection Code of Practice. Neither academic staff nor admissions staff in your prospective School of study are involved in the scholarship allocation process.


If you click 'next', the application form will begin.