Page 1: Thank you for agreeing to take part in our study. Please complete the following short questionnaire.

1.1. 1. Do you use any store loyalty cards? Required
2.2. 2. Do you have the following loyalty cards (please tick all that apply): Optional
3.3. 3. In the future, would you give permission for the information held from store loyalty cards to be linked with your health records on the condition it were stored safely and not shared with anyone outside of the research team? Required
5.5. 5. Do you have access to the internet? Required
6.6. 6. Do you record lifestyle or health information using wearable devices, websites on your computer or apps on your smartphone/tablet device? Required

If yes, go to question 7, then 8. 

If no, go to question 8, imagining that you might use lifestyle or health wearable devices, websites or apps in the future. 


7.7. 7. If you answered yes to question 6, please tell us which ones you use: (please tick all that apply)?
8.8. 8. In the future, if you were sure that the information would not be shared any further and stored securely, would you give permission for health researchers to link the information held on these devices, apps and websites with your health records?