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As part of the My Castle Gateway project, City of York Council and My Future York are working with anyone interested in shaping the future of Castle Gateway, an area which includes Fossgate, Walmgate, Piccadilly, Foss Basin and Castle area and Eye of York.

My Castle Gateway will go beyond conventional community consultation by enabling all those interested to become part of a sustained long-term conversation where they have influence through sharing responsibility for the area and its future. Getting involved will be active, challenging and fun.

You can find out more about the project on our website:

The first step in the My Castle Gateway project is to gather lots of ideas from as many people as possible. We're doing this through a summer of public events and discussions. However, we also wanted to set up a way for people to contribute from the comfort of their own digital devices. Through this survey we are asking the same two questions we'll be pursuing through our events: What matters to you about this area? What would you like to do in the Castle Gateway area in the future?

All the contributions will feed into a vision for the area and a collaborative ‘statement of significance’ and ‘brief’. We will give these to the masterplanners to work with to begin to develop planning options.

We know that through this first phase of the project issues will arise. There will be disagreement! Rather than pretend there won’t be, in Step 2 My Castle Gateway will address issues head on. We will seek to convene working groups of people that want to research and understand issues better, drawing in good thinking from elsewhere, modelling alternatives and organising public discussion and workshops. This collaborative troubleshooting will then inform options developed by the masterplanning to be shared more widely. We hope all those that contribute ideas through this survey will also want to be invovled in making sense of the ideas and discussing the best way forward. Keep in touch via our website and social media.

The lead researcher on the My Castle Gateway project is Helen Graham, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds.

If you have any questions about this survey or the My Castle Gateway project contact Helen on



3.3. Would you like your contribution to be included in the My Castle Gateway project? This means it might be quoted on our website or in the collaborative documents we produce to feed into the City of York Council's masterplanning process. If you say, 'no' to this we will delete your survey. If you say 'yes', you can makes choices about how it is used below.
4.4. Would you like your comments to be attributed to you?
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