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Welcome to the My Future York and to the open call to submit two 'Days in Your Life: 2017 + 2027'.

The My Future York research project is working with people who live and work in York - or might want to in the future - to explore and understand the issues facing the city.

We’d like to invite you to tell a story of a day in your life, now and in ten years' time.

2017: Tell the story of a day in your life.

2027: Imagine your ideal day – a work day or a day off – in ten years' time.

The stories can be as long and full or as short and pithy as you like.

Be creative - all styles and all ways of writing in terms of grammer and spelling are very welcome indeed!

If you'd prefer to talk rather than write, contact the research team - we'd love to come and interview you!

Why contribute?

The aim of asking for your 2017 and 2027 days is so we can identify what should be taken into account in future planning. We will use the stories shared to pull out a 'brief' for the future of the city. We will run open analysis workshops and share emerging ideas with all who contribute and publicly. The process will end with us developing a final brief to give to the City of York Council. We hope this research process will help lead to a better city for all of us in which to live, work and spend time.

If you'd like to read more about why we're thinking of this process as building a 'brief', read more on our website.

What is involved:

You will be able to add your 2017 and 2027 stories below.

You'll then have a number of choices about how they will be used and shared.

  • You could agree for it to be added to our website and to share your Day in My Life with other people.  
  • Or you could ask for it to be included in the research and become part of identifying overarching themes but not published as an individual contribution.
  • In either case, you can decide to be named or for your contribution to be used anonymously.

You can change your mind about being involved at any point up until we publish the contribution. We will email you the link. Even after that if, once you see it live and you realize you are not happy, we can take it down.

More information on the call for 'Day in My Life' and to contact the My Future York project, see our website

The My Future York Research Team is: Phil Bixby (York Environment Forum), Lianne and Richard Brigham (York Past and Present), Helen Graham (University of Leeds), Victoria Hoyle (York Explore Libraries and Archives)

If you want to discuss further contact: Helen Graham, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds, / 07855 790347

My Future York is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council's Connected Communities Festival 2016.