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Checking your eligibility for funding for disability-related support

Almost every postgraduate researcher (PGR) who is registered with Disability Services will be eligible for funding to pay for their disability-related support whilst they are studying.  This funding can pay for specialist equipment and software, and one-to-one support. You can find out more about the types of support you may be eligible for on our PGR webpage.

The funding you are likely to be eligible for will depend on your residency status (where your permanent home address is located) and the way in which you are funding your studies (e.g. through a postgraduate doctoral loan, a UKRI Research Council, or self-funded). 

The aim of this PGR Funding Checker is to help you identify which disability-related funding you are likely to be eligible for, and to advise you on how you can apply for this funding. 

If you are unable to use this PGR Funding Checker, or you would like any further information, please contact us at

Disclaimer: disability funding is complex, and eligibility is often based on very specific circumstances.  This Funding Checker aims to give general information and guidance.  If you are unsure whether the outcome given is correct, please contact us at to discuss further. You can also discuss your eligibility for funding with your funding body, sponsor, research council or scholarship provider, as applicable.