Page 1: Privacy notice and instructions

Please complete this form if you wish to make a case to the DTP management board to request additional PIPS funding over and above the standard £1,000 allowance.  

The expectation is that the majority of PIPS will be undertaken within the standard £1,000 allowance from the DTP.  You must provide a strong case for additional funding. Applications for additional funding will be assessed on the extent to which the PIPS offers an opportunity to learn and/or develop new transferable skills that are different from scientific research-related skills, and the extent to which these new skills are broadly applicable to future career paths. 

Note that, even if you make a strong case, there is no guarantee you will be awarded additional funding. This is because the DTP does not hold a pot of money for this purpose, as such. The only reason we can potentially offer additional funding is that some PGRs do not spend all or any of their PIPS allowance, so we can use this 'spare' funding. 

We expect applications for travel expenses to be based on public transport where possible, in line with the Universities' travel policies.

This PIPS additional funding form must be completed in one sitting; it cannot be saved to complete later. 

4 things to do before completing this form:

1. Ask your host organisation for additional funding 

Your request must include evidence of seeking additional funding from your intended host organisation, showing whether or not they are in a position to provide this support.   Where the host organisation has not already been approached, requests for PIPS additional funding from the DTP will not be considered.  You can ask your local PIPS contact or the DTP Co-ordinator for support with approaching your host organisation, if you have not already done so.  

2. Ask your supervisor for a supporting statement - There is a section for your supervisor to add a brief statement in support of your application (300 words max).  You will need to obtain this in advance so you can copy and paste it into this form. 

3. Read the PIPS Funding information - PIPS funding can be spent on travel and accommodation costs only.  Please make sure you have read the PIPS Funding page on the DTP website before you complete this form:

4. Work out the costs for your PIPS (travel and accommodation only) - This form asks for detailed costings so you need to research these and obtain quotes. 

Processing your application

Applications must be submitted at least one month in advance of the start date of your PIPS to enable enough time for them to be reviewed and a decision made.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  

The information within this form will be treated as confidential.  It will be reviewed by members of the DTP management board.  (It will not, however, be viewed by the Student Rep members of the management board i.e. your peers).  The information provided will be used only for the purpose of making a decision about additional PIPS funding.   

Please note: there is no guarantee that you will be awarded additional funding.  The DTP does not have a pot of additional funding for PIPS, as such.  The only reason we can offer this possibility is because some PGRs do not spend all of their PIPS allowance.  This means there may be times when a PGR puts forward a strong case for additional funding but there is no ‘spare’ funding to be awarded.  

Please direct queries relating to this form and PIPS additional funding to the DTP Co-ordinator.  For other PIPS queries, please contact your local PIPS Co-ordinator:

Leeds and DTP Co-ordinator - Catherine Liddle, email:

Sheffield - Linda Harris, email: 

York - Phil Lang, email: