Snowdon Trust helps people with physical and/or sensory disabilities to study in the UK

Snowdon Masters Scholarships give a small number of exceptionally talented disabled young people an opportunity to flourish and achieve their full potential. Snowdon Trust is looking for the next generation of disabled young people who will become leaders with the ability to influence and innovate.

Snowdon Scholars

Each candidate brings something different to the programme but they are expected to demonstrate:

  • real passion for their subject and for learning
  • excellence in their chosen field of study, within and beyond academia
  • determination to succeed and to overcome obstacles
  • potential to become an inspirational leader and role model
  • ability to create change and a desire to help improve the lives of others.


The award will cover fees at the University of Leeds standard UK rate (up to a maximum of £15,000 for full-time study) and an allowance of £15,000 per annum. Part-time will be pro-rata.

Looking ahead

Scholarship winners will join the Disabled Leaders Network. The Snowdon Trust is creating a unique network of high achieving leaders working together to inspire a new generation through the Give Back programme.

Please note that applications with no information about an applicant's physical and/or sensory disability will be rejected.