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Welcome to the STEP trial Sign-up Survey!

First, the Data, Privacy and Consent issues:

Data Protection Notice

Several partners are involved in this trial, and each have different purposes for collecting this data:

  • Operators of the technology/billing: Trojan Energy and Octopus Energy. These organisations will have access to your names and contact details ONLY, and will not have access to your diversity information (Equalities Monitoring questions in this survey) or responses to later surveys.
  • Local Authority partners: Brent and Camden borough councils. These organisations have requested that certain diversity data be collected to fulfil their commitment to equal opportunities, but will not have access to your names, addresses or survey responses.
  • Consumer Research partners: University of Leeds and Element Energy are collecting further information on attitudes to EVs, current charging behaviour and opinions of the Trojan Energy technology via a before and after survey throughout the trial. The data from this research will be anonymised.

The University of Leeds will securely store all this data for research and analysis only, will only allow anonymised data to be used for reports, academic publications, secondary research etc., and are GDPR compliant in allowing the abovementioned partners to access data in those limited ways, subject to Data Processing Agreements. Personal and diversity data will be destroyed after the project, and survey responses will be anonymised and stored indefinitely by the University of Leeds, so that future researchers can access them, if they obtain permission. For full details of the University of Leeds’ research participant data protection and privacy, and how to contact people if required, please click here. To participate in the survey research, you must agree to these uses of your data by clicking ‘accept’ below.

I consent to these conditions of signing up and filling the survey Required