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Why have I been sent this survey? As a Clinical Research Network (CRN) customer, we would like to use this survey to tell us about your latest experience of working with the CRN on your specific study.

When should I complete this? You can complete this survey at any single or multiple time points as your study progresses from feasibility, into set-up and on to recruitment and delivery.

Who can complete this? Any member of the study team can provide feedback on behalf of the whole team’s experience for that study.

How are we going to use this data? All information provided in this survey will be used to improve and refine our service offerings. If you choose to provide the IRAS number for your study, we may be in contact to seek clarification or offer further support.

1.1. Please let us know your role in this study Required

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2.2. Considering your most recent interaction with your Local CRN, how likely would you be to recommend the Clinical Research Network to a friend or colleague? (0 - not at all likely, 10 - extremely likely) Required

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Your answer should be no more than 700 characters long.

5.5. Which Local CRN was your lead for this study? Required
6.6. Would you work with this Local CRN again in the future? Required