Page 1: Applying for tender-based contract research

Date: Tuesday 19 June 2018

Time: 11:00 – 12:30 followed by a networking lunch

Venue: EC Stoner Building, SR7.79



Led by Professor Jason Lowe (Priestley Chair) and Professor Joseph Holden (Director of water@Leeds)


Tender-based contract research from government departments, companies, national parks, local authorities etc. provide an alternative route for funding exciting, demand-driven research. They open opportunities to make connections with stakeholder groups, build profile as an expert in the field and have different flexibilities (and restrictions) from research council funding.


As a non-traditional route to funding research, the landscape and application process can be unclear to those new to tendering. This information session is designed to help attendees to understand the landscape for tender-based contract research, how to approach applications, how they are different from standard research funding and hints and tips from researchers with experience of winning tenders. While this session will provide examples from climate, water and soils topics, the information will be of value to all researchers interested in applying for tender-based research contracts.


All catering will be vegetarian or vegan, but please indicate below if you have any other dietary requirements, including any food allergies.

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