Page 1: Introduction

This summer we are conducting a huge survey of trees across the Middleton and Belle Isle regions of the city - and we need your help!

The i-Tree Leeds project is exploring the value of trees in Leeds. The information we collect will be used to support the preservation and creation of green space and woodland across the city.

Urban green spaces such as gardens, parks and woodlands provide many benefits to people and vital habitats for wildlife. Trees store carbon, helping to prevent climate change, and remove pollution from the air. Green spaces also reduce flood risk, limit the impact of heatwaves, encourage people to exercise, and reduce depression. Read more about the benefits of green spaces here.

We are recruiting volunteers to help us collect information about the species, size, shape and location of the trees - no previous experience is neccessary.

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This project is led by the United Bank of Carbon in collaboration Leeds City Council, the University of Leeds, The Woodland Trust, Treeconomics and Forest Research. If you have any questions you can contact the project team at: