UK Undergraduate Means-Tested Scholarships


The main eligibility and selection criteria for the UK undergraduate Means-Tested Scholarships are given here

Please make sure you check the details on the webpage carefully before continuing to ensure you are eligible to apply.


You must complete this application fully by progressing to the final page where you can print, or request an email, or download a PDF copy of your application for your own records.

Please note that this form will ask for information about you, your contact details, your educational history, your financial eligibility and personal statements providing supporting information. 

You should complete this form only once. If you complete it multiple times only the most recently submitted form will be considered.



The 'Personal history' section of this form will ask you for details of difficult personal circumstances that you may have experienced in your life. There are some direct questions, and a general list of circumstances, as well as the opportunity to provide more details in a supporting statement. This statement is optional but you must be aware that if you do indicate that you have experienced difficult personal circumstances, or disruption to study, and do not provide a statement then this may affect the scoring of this section.

There is no restriction on the length of this statement but we do ask that you focus on circumstances that have affected your study and not your academic interests and/or achievements.

Optional personal circumstances statement: 

  • You are able to include a statement where you can provide us with details of any difficult personal circumstances/disruption to study that you may have experienced.

Optional referee statement

  • If you do not wish to provide an personal circumstances statement, you have the option to include a statement from a referee (such as a parent/carer/teacher/religious leader/employer) to support your application. Once again, the aim should only be to provide details of any difficult personal circumstances you have experienced and not your academic interests and/or achievements.

It is advisable for you, or your referee (if applicable), to complete your statement separately (e.g. in Microsoft Word) so you can copy and paste them into the application.


You will be able to save your application at any point by selecting the 'finish later' option at the bottom of each page.

Please note that your completed application, including the statement(s), must be received by us by the deadline stated for us to be able to consider your application. Remember the deadline is midday on Friday 18th May 2018.

1.1. Please confirm you have read and understood the information provided in relation to the application process. Required