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You are being invited to answer this feedback survey as part of a research study titled Mapping the implementation of community-led pedagogies.This study is being done by Dr. Laura Loyola-Hernández from the University of Leeds.  

The purpose of this survey is to understand your overall experience with using the Whose Uni? poster. This survey will take you approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

There are no known risks associated with this research study; however, as with any online related activity the risk of a breach is always possible. To the best of my ability your participation in this study will remain confidential, and only anonymised data will be published. The anonymity of your responses will be ensured through no specific characteristics such as your name being collected. Only the research team will have access to individual anonymised responses, with any resultant being reported in aggregated form. Survey data will be stored in password protected files and information will be deleted immediately after producing the final report and any dissemination activities. Further information is available via the University of Leeds Privacy Notice 

Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary. You do not have to answer any questions you do not want to.It is at your discretion whether you wish to complete this survey. If you decide to take part, by clicking the button below to continue, you are consenting to take part in this anonymous survey. 

In case you have any questions or comments please contact Dr. Laura Loyola-Hernández