Page 1: Information

Thank you for your interest in this PhD study!

Hi, my name is Emma and as part of my PhD study at The University of Leeds I am hoping to interview young adults in their 20s and 30s and their parents in Leeds about experiences of living together.

Whilst I would like to speak to parents too, you can still take part in an interview even if your parent(s) do not.

What is the purpose of these questions?

I would like to interview people from a wide range of circumstances – your answers here will provide some background information about you and your living situation to make sure a variety of experiences and views are captured in this research. The questions will take around 5 minutes and you do not have to answer a question if you do not want to.

At the end you will be asked to give your first name, email address and phone number so I can get in touch with more information about the interviews and ask if you are happy to arrange a date and time. The interview will last around 1-1½ hours and will take place online through ‘Zoom’ or similar – a telephone interview can also be arranged.

I will also invite you to tell your parent(s) about this study and pass my contact details on if they are interested in being interviewed.

Why are you interviewing young adults and parents?

I would like to talk to young adults and parents separately about experiences of living together and support within families. I am also interested in young adults’ and parents’ views about the future as well as hopes and plans around housing more specifically.

Is taking part voluntary?

Answering these questions does not mean you have to take part in an interview – everything is completely voluntary. I will contact you with more information about the interviews, and it is up to you whether or not to arrange a date to take part. You can still change your mind before or during your interview if you no longer want to participate.

What will you do with the information I provide in these questions?

Only anonymised data will be published. However, as with any online related activity the risk of a breach is always possible. To the best of my ability, I will minimise any risks by storing data in a secure university-drive and by maintaining data protection principles. Further information about data protection is available via The University of Leeds Privacy Notice

I have read the information about this questionnaire and understand that my participation is entirely voluntary. Required